Fair Play For Children
Promoting the Child's Right to Play since 1973 in the UK and Worldwide according to the Convention on the Rights of the Child
" Fair Play gives excellent support around Play-work issues offering leaflets and policy documents as well as up to date news and information. Ideal for any organisation offering play activities with children. "
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The Bognor Fun Bus is a 'typical' voluntary sector play project: it always has problems with sustainable funding, it has seen government initiatives come and go, it is now 25 years into its work. It started in late 1983 when a group of parents, professionals and other 'good'adults woke up to the fact that there was not much in the way of good quality play provision for local children. A Fun Bus seemed a good way to test that need and to share a good quality, creative and healthy resource amongst several communities some of which have government-recognised levels of deprivation, as well as a distinct lack of year-around, freely- accessible play resources and facilities. 'We reach the parts others cannot' they will tell you.

In that period it has raised and spent on children £1.12 million, recorded over 90,000 visits by children, in 3,700 plus sessions at local neighbourhood sites, rural and urban. The project worked with Fair Play from 1994 to pioneer a model child protection policy, and the government-funded pilot for CRB checks. Fair Play asked its people what they think children want from their Fun Bus (whose activities the children decide) that is different from their peers of 1983. 'Not a great deal, to be honest. They seem to value having somewhere where their agenda counts, where they can make and meet friends, run off steam, do things that satisfy them, and have FUN. This project is typical of the local groups that join and need Fair Play for Children to help their work with children.

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