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Promoting the Child's Right to Play since 1973 in the UK and Worldwide according to the Convention on the Rights of the Child
" Fair Play gives excellent support around Play-work issues offering leaflets and policy documents as well as up to date news and information. Ideal for any organisation offering play activities with children. "
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Acceptable Behaviour in Tower Hamlets? [PDF]
 This Report is the latest from Fair Play for Children concerning use of Acceptable Behaviour Contracts with children and young people. This involves five young people and their parents and their being called to interviews by EastEnd Housing Ltd and the Metropolitan Police. The background, individual interview processes are examined, and issues raised re the status of ABCs, the application of Freedom of Information by EEH, and serious concerns of abuse of children’s rights under the European and UN Children’s Rights Conventions.
Adventure Play - A Brief History [PDF]
 The concept of what we now refer to as Adventure Playgrounds had its beginnings in the early 1940’s and perhaps even before. As early as 1939 there were clear examples of a more enlightened approach to the provision of play areas, as indicated by a playground in Bolton, Lancashire. Here, instead of the traditional metal swings, slides and roundabouts, there was an abundance of unconventional wooden structures of a wide and stimulating variety.
Adventure Playgrounds [PDF] HTML Version Print Version
 One of the most popular forms of organised play provision.
Aids and Playwork [HTML Version]
 A useful approach to an issue often fogged by ill-informed prejudice.
Alternative Report to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child Re UK Quinquennial Review 2016 - submitted by Fair Play for Children [PDF]
 This Report is published by Fair Play for Children as regards the review of the Committee on the Rights of the Child concerning State Party, the United Kingdom. It is concerned with the UK record as regards Article 31 of the Convention, Article 12 and other related Articles and issues. Other NGOs will have reported on such issues, but Fair Play for Children has particular emphasis and concern on specific and important matters which we feel will not and have not been covered elsewhere, either in the State Report or other NGO reports
Barriers to Play [Website]
 Tony Chilton outlines a series of problems and attitudes which create barriers to children being able to play.
Bouncy Castles [PDF]
 Hints and Tips on the Use of Inflatables
Challenges for Children's Play [PDF]
 Fair Play's Annual Report for year ending 31st March 2010.
Child Labour - the numbers [PDF]
 Article 31 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child stipulates that children have a right to play and also to rest from labour. There are also Conventions regulating child labour and banning its worst forms. Here are just a few statistics about the scale of child labour worldwide.
Child Protection in Playwork [PDF] HTML Version Print Version
 A basic guide to fundamental issues.
Children's Rights to Play, Assembly, Association and Expression [HTML Version]
 Problems children have with with ensuring these rights, and how to tackle these.
City Farms: Help the City Grow [PDF] HTML Version Print Version
 A successful urban facility for children.
Comment on Legal Opinion re use of Mosquito 'Anti-Teen' Device [PDF]
 Legal Opinion given by Hewitsons, Solicitors, to Compound Security Systems Limited concerning the Human Rights Act implications of the Mosquito Sound System, promoted by the company as a means to encourage the dispersal of young people. Also appended, after each paragraph of the Opinion, is a series of comments on behalf of Fair Play for Children by its National Secretary. Fair Play for Children regards the Mosquito Device as Oppressive, discriminatory against young people, encourages a form of vigilanteism against children and is totally indiscriminate as to the age of children and young people. We feel it is an obnoxious concept, that it preys upon prejudice and anti-youth hysteria for profit. It has no place in a society based on the rule of law and respect for the rights of others.
Consulting Children [PDF] HTML Version Print Version
 Why we need to ask their what they think and want.
Download List - Right to Play [Website]
 Extensive list of PDF documents for download - there will be a download fee and registration. More downloads on Right to Play: here
Equal Opportunities in Play and Playwork [PDF] HTML Version Print Version
 Fair Play's Model Statement.
Fair Play for Children Association accounts to 31st March 2013 [PDF]
Fair Play for Children Charitable Trust accounts for year ending 31st March 2013 [PDF]
Fair Play for Children Freedom of Information Survey on Playground Provision in England 2011 [Website]
 What may be the first survey of play area provision by English Local Authorities, detailing, by Council, numbers and acreage etc.
Fair Play for Children's Equal Opportunities Policy and Equal Opportunities in Play Statement [PDF]
 Fair Play's take on Equal Opportunities in Play
Fair Play Manifesto 2010 - Child Protection: a national swipe-card for adults when purchasing alcohol [PDF]
 The development of a national scheme to make it more difficult for children under legal age to obtain alcohol and to sanction adults who enable them to obtain alcohol – the introduction of a national swipe-card for adults when purchasing alcohol.
Formulating a Local Play Policy [PDF] HTML Version Print Version
 Suggestions for an approach.
Hints and Allegations [PDF]
 Report in the wake of the Penn State abuse scandal and as allegations multiply re Jimmy Savile and abuse at the BBc, NHS hospitals etc, calls for independent Inquiry. 31 pages.
How it All Started [PDF]
 The letter to The Times in July 1972 by Trevor Huddleston which led to the creation of Fair Play for Children.
Hugh Masekela: trumpeter, composer, activist, speaking to Jon Snow about Trevor Huddleston, August 2014 [Website]
 South African artist Hugh Masekela, at 75, in both person and performance he continues to cast his spell on a musical journey, which came of age during the long struggle to end apartheid. Recalls the influence of Fair Play founder, Trevor Huddleston.
Inclusion in Play [PDF]
 Looking into the issues of ensuring access.
 Brief outline of what Local Educational Authorities are required in law to do re facilities for children and young people, the relevant sections of the 1996 Act and the 2006 amendments are included, plus statutory guidance concerning activities under the Act for those aged 13 years+.
Local Play Partnerships [PDF]
 A grass-roots exercise in developing children's play.
Measuring children's daily play in the CATS study [PDF]
 CATS is one part of Reducing children's car use: the health and potential car dependency impacts Funded by EPSRC under the FIT programme. The work was carried out in collaboration with Hertfordshire County Council , health experts, an epidemiologist and a health promotion expert.
Memorandum and Articles of Fair Play for Children Charitable Trust Ltd [PDF]
 The Fair Play Trust's governing document
Mobile Play [PDF] HTML Version Print Version
 The ins-and-outs of the Play Bus!
Model Child Protection Policy - PDF Version [PDF]
 Published as an aid to managements, this model policy can be adapted to varying circumstances.
National Play Conference, Sheffield 1990 [Website]
 From the archive: Video of Conference, keynote speaker was Trevor Huddleston CR, President of Fair Play for Children, plus also Bob Hughes, Jan Cosgrove and others
Note on Anti Social, Crime & Policing Bill & Children's Play - 2013 [Website]
 This note is provided by Fair Play for Children so as to enable examination of Part 1 of the Bill re UK obligations under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and the legal framework for Article 31 as examined in the UN General Comment on that Article.
Organising Playschemes [PDF] HTML Version Print Version
 Basics, insurance, Children Act.
Out with the Bathwater? [PDF]
 Fair Play for Children's submission to the UK Home Secretary on the future of vetting and barring schemes in the UK. It recommends emphasis on ensuring the exclusion of barred persons from access to children as opposed to being mainly a scheme for employers' safer recruitment practices. Sections on history of vetting and barring, rehabilitation of offenders, soft intelligence etc
Out-of-School Clubs [PDF] HTML Version Print Version
 How these are set up and run.
Play and Learning for Children with Special Needs [PDF]
 Recognizing the intersection between playing and learning activities can be paramount to furthering the development of your special needs child. If a melding between the two can be implemented, then it is possible to obtain positive results.
Play Wise Partnerships [Website]
 Fair Play's Play Wise Partnerships Programme, advocating that children should lead the development of their play environments through local partnerships.
Playground Safety [PDF] HTML Version Print Version
 Basic standards, what to look for, who to tell, how to get action.
Playwork and Children with Special Needs [HTML Version]
 The child with special needs and play.
Risk and Play in Adventure Playgrounds [PDF]
 These notes support a presentation made by Tony Chilton, on behalf of Play Wales, on the philosophy and operational aspects of Adventure Playgrounds with regard to risk and safety. It is hoped they act as a valuable guide in attempting to balance children’s adventurous play needs with the need to comply with appropriate safety requirements.
Scholarly Journals - Childhood Studies [Website]
 An A-Z of journals on many aspects of childhood published by Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.
Speaking Our Mind August 2013 - The Catastrophic Errors of Global Policy re: Syria [Website]
 Letter from Fair Play to MPs, Ministers, Lords, UK media calling for UN intervention to help Syria's children.
Stolen Streets, Stolen Childhood [PDF]
 Children have lost up to 3/4 million acres of street play-space in over 3 decades, yet the child population of England in 2011 is at the same level as in 1901 and 1931. Radical measures are demanded to restore that play space to our children. This must focus on restoring residential streets to their role as primary play space.
The Compatibility of Acceptable Behaviour Contracts with Article 6.1 of the European Convention on Human Rights. Revised edition [PDF]
 Fair Play for Children has undertaken a comprehensive review on the issuing by local police forces across England of Acceptable Behaviour Contracts with particular focus on whether the forces involved have taken into account Article 6.1 of the European Convention on Human Rights(ECHR). In total 40 forces across England were surveyed across a number of questions under the Freedom of Information Act. 34 replied, one with separate data from 4 Divisions, one based on one Division.
The Constitution of Fair Play for Children Association August 2013 [PDF]
 The Constitution of the Assocation, adopted in 2013 to meet new operating conditions
The Half Acre Standard: A PlayAction Issues publication [PDF]
 Fair Play for Children gives its response to the Play England consultation "“Embedding the Play Strategy” and says that the consultation "falls down where it fails to give any targets which are measurable and would undoubtedly improve children’s freedom to play."
The State of Play - perspectives for Local Councils (from LCR Winter 2012) [PDF]
 How can Local Councils (Parish/Town) ensure they have the right policies place to guarantee children the ability to play in a sustainable, safe and stimulating environment? Jan Cosgrove, National Secretary of Fair Play, writing in Local Council Review Winter 2012
Toy Libraries [PDF] HTML Version Print Version
 A creative and important aid to children's play and learning in early years.
Trevor Huddleston - Founder of Fair Play for Childeren [PDF]
 The charismatic founder of Fair Play for Children, mentor of Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu, tireless campaigner against apartheid.
Trevor Huddleston and children's play, 1972 - You Tube [Website]
Unfair Play for Children [Website]
 Report based on the expenditures of English Councils in 2009-10, 2010-11 and 2011-12, general, adult leisure, various aspects of children's play, youth services comparing changes in funding levels. Based on responses to Freedom of Information request sent to 354 English Principal Councils
What is the best Children's Play Delivery System? [PDF]
 The 2010 General Election Manifesto of Fair Play for Children introducing its Play Wise proposal for play development.
[Not] a Risk Averse Society [PDF]
 Guidance and recommendations to allay fears about children playing and to produce a sensible basis for assessing what is permissible. Updated from original version.
{Archive} The Vetting and Barring Scheme [PDF]
 A guide to the new Vetting and Barring Scheme which will regulate those who can work with Children and Vulnerable Adults in England, Wales and NI
{Archive} Briefing on Third Reading of the Protection of Freedoms Bill by Third Sector Coaliton [PDF]
 A briefing for Ministers and MPs re the Third Reading of the Protection of Freedoms Bill which includes major changes to the current CRB and Vetting & Barring Schemes. Fair Play is one of the ten organisations in this coalition.
{Archive} Fair Play Charitable Trust Ltd Annual Accounts to 31st March 2011 [PDF]
 The financial year 2010-2011
{Archive} Fair Play for Children Annual Report to March 2012 [PDF]
 The Work of Fair Play in 2011-12
{Archive} Fair Play for Children Association Accounts 31-3-2010 [PDF]
 The accounts for the Association for the year ending 31st March 2010
{Archive} Fair Play for Children Association Accounts 31.3.2011 [PDF]
 The accounts for the Association for the year ending 31st March 2011
{Archive} Fair Play for Children Association Accounts to 31st March 2012 [PDF]
 How much we raised and spent on our non-charitable work in the year previous.
{Archive} Fair Play for Children Charitable Trust Accounts Year Ending 31st March 2012 [PDF]
 How much we spent on the charitable activities of Fair Play in the previous year.
{Archive} Fair Play for Children Charitable Trust Ltd Annual Accounts to 31st March 2009 [PDF]
 The Annual Accounts for the period 1st April 2008 to 31st March 2009.
{Archive} Fair Play for Children Charitable Trust Ltd Report and Accounts to 31.3.2010 [PDF]
 The Trust Report and Accounts to 31st March 2010
{Archive} Fair Play for Children Trust Annual Report and Accounts to 31st March 2008 [PDF]
{ARCHIVE} Fair Play Response to Protection of Freedoms Bill [PDF]
 This is the response of Fair Play to the proposals to change the procedures of the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 as contained in Part V of the 2011 Bill. This document was submitted for consideration by the relevant parliamentary scrutiny committee at the Bill's committee stage after the second reading of the Bill in April 2011.
{Archive} Has the Baby gone down the Plug Hole? [Website]
 Response from Jan Cosgrove to the 2 review reports into the future of vetting and barring in the UK. February 2011.
{Archive} Open Up Our Schools [HTML Version]
 Community use of schools for play schemes.
{Archive} Speaking our Mind June 2011 [Website]
 Third edition of MP e-letter, including Protection of Freedoms Bill and fair Play survey on Play Areas.
{Archive} Speaking our Mind March 2012 [Website]
 Another of fair Play's occasional e-letters aimed at legislators. Issues include Mandatory Reporting of Abuse Allegations, Play Streets, Supervision Statutory Guidance concerns, and Release of Conviction Information
{Archive} Speaking Our Mind - 1 [e-letter to MPs] [PDF]
 February 2011. e-letter to UK Members of Parliament raising issues such as play funding, Acceptable Behaviour Contracts, Mosquito Anti-Teen Device
{Archive} The Annual Report 2002-2003 [PDF]
 The Annual Report of Fair Play for Children 2002-2003
{Archive} The Annual Report 2003-2004 [PDF]
 The Annual Report of Fair Play for Children 2003-2004
{Archive} The Annual Report 2005-2006 [PDF]
 The Annual Report for Fairplay For Children, 2005-2006
{Archive} The Annual Report 2007-2008 [PDF]
 The Fairplay For Children Annual Report, 2007-2008
{Archive} The Annual Report of Fair Play for Children 2008-09: A Year of Real Progress for Fair Play [PDF]
 The Annual Report of Fair Play for Children 2008-09.
{ARCHIVE} The Child Protection Act 1999 [PDF] HTML Version Print Version
 An important new requirement on many UK providers of children's activities.
{Archive} The Children Act and Play [PDF] HTML Version Print Version
 Basic outline of its effects on play and playwork.
{Archive} Year Of Challenge - Fair Play's Annual Report 2011 [PDF]
 Report on Fair Play's year and activities, October 2011
{ARCHIVE} The Protection of Children Act 1999 [PDF]
 Guide to the 1999 Act whose provisions will be superceded in 2010 by the Vetting and Barring Scheme (VBS). This guide is now outdated but is retained for reference purposes.