Fair Play For Children
Promoting the Child's Right to Play since 1973 in the UK and Worldwide according to the Convention on the Rights of the Child
" Fair Play gives excellent support around Play-work issues offering leaflets and policy documents as well as up to date news and information. Ideal for any organisation offering play activities with children. "
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Bouncy Castles [PDF]
 Hints and Tips on the Use of Inflatables
City Farms: Help the City Grow [PDF] HTML Version Print Version
 A successful urban facility for children.
Consulting Children [PDF] HTML Version Print Version
 Why we need to ask their what they think and want.
Disabled Children Have a Right to Play [Website]
 Andre Jackson is a freelance writer, with interests in daily living, mobility aid and the UK business sector. He has been writing for the past three years and is always looking for new collaborations with small businesses in the United Kingdom and also across Europe.
Equal Opportunities in Play and Playwork [PDF] HTML Version Print Version
 Fair Play's Model Statement.
Fair Play for Children submits evidence to the All Parliamentary Group on Youth Affairs [PDF]
 Fair Play's Evidence to the All Parliamentary Group on Youth Affairs calling for proper monitoring of Local Education Authority performance on delivering statutory youth obligations
Fair Play Manifesto 2010 - Child Protection: a national swipe-card for adults when purchasing alcohol [PDF]
 The development of a national scheme to make it more difficult for children under legal age to obtain alcohol and to sanction adults who enable them to obtain alcohol – the introduction of a national swipe-card for adults when purchasing alcohol.
Formulating a Local Play Policy [PDF] HTML Version Print Version
 Suggestions for an approach.
Hints and Allegations [PDF]
 Report in the wake of the Penn State abuse scandal and as allegations multiply re Jimmy Savile and abuse at the BBc, NHS hospitals etc, calls for independent Inquiry. 31 pages.
How it All Started [PDF]
 The letter to The Times in July 1972 by Trevor Huddleston which led to the creation of Fair Play for Children.
 Brief outline of what Local Educational Authorities are required in law to do re facilities for children and young people, the relevant sections of the 1996 Act and the 2006 amendments are included, plus statutory guidance concerning activities under the Act for those aged 13 years+.
Memorandum and Articles of Fair Play for Children Charitable Trust Ltd [PDF]
 The Fair Play Trust's governing document
Mobile Play [PDF] HTML Version Print Version
 The ins-and-outs of the Play Bus!
Organising Playschemes [PDF] HTML Version Print Version
 Basics, insurance, Children Act.
Play and learning for Children with Special Needs [PDF]
 Recognizing the intersection between playing and learning activities can be paramount to furthering the development of your special needs child. If a melding between the two can be implemented, then it is possible to obtain positive results. Author: Felicity Dyer
Play Wise Partnerships [Website]
 Fair Play's Play Wise Partnerships Programme, advocating that children should lead the development of their play environments through local partnerships.
PUBLICATIONS not published b Fair Play for Children [Website]
 A selection from various sources
Saving For Your Children: Why Financial Support Really Matters [Website]
 This is particularly relevant for concerned parents who want to save money on behalf of their children, with four out of five guardians actively committed to setting cash aside for their offspring in the modern age.
Scholarly Journals - Childhood Studies [Website]
 An A-Z of journals on many aspects of childhood published by Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.
The Compatibility of Acceptable Behaviour Contracts with Article 6.1 of the European Convention on Human Rights. Revised edition [PDF]
 Fair Play for Children has undertaken a comprehensive review on the issuing by local police forces across England of Acceptable Behaviour Contracts with particular focus on whether the forces involved have taken into account Article 6.1 of the European Convention on Human Rights(ECHR). In total 40 forces across England were surveyed across a number of questions under the Freedom of Information Act. 34 replied, one with separate data from 4 Divisions, one based on one Division.
The State of Play - perspectives for Local Councils (from LCR Winter 2012) [PDF]
 How can Local Councils (Parish/Town) ensure they have the right policies place to guarantee children the ability to play in a sustainable, safe and stimulating environment? Jan Cosgrove, National Secretary of Fair Play, writing in Local Council Review Winter 2012
Toy Libraries [PDF] HTML Version Print Version
 A creative and important aid to children's play and learning in early years.
United Nations Convention on The Rights of the Child [Website]
 This is the most-signed Convention/ Treaty in history. It sets out the basic rights of every child. Article 31, on which Fair Play for Children predicates its work, is about The Child's Right to Play, Rest and Leisure
[Not] a Risk Averse Society [PDF]
 Guidance and recommendations to allay fears about children playing and to produce a sensible basis for assessing what is permissible. Updated from original version.
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