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PLAY AND CARE FOCUS - NCB’s Children’s Play Information Service forms partnership with playground industry

25th May 2011 | United Kingdom | Children's Play
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National Children‟s Bureau (NCB) and the Association of Play Industries (API), together with Play England, have come together to form a new partnership to ensure the continuation of the Children‟s Play Information Service, based at NCB. The CPIS was under threat of closure due to government cuts but the partnership should help protect these services for the remainder of 2011 and keep them accessible to the public and play

John Croasdale, Chairman of the API said: “The API is very aware of the vital work already carried out by the CPIS as a frontline service for play. These resources need our support to guard against some very severe cuts for the play sector – this is part of our contribution to ensure play is not left behind.”

Sir Paul Ennals, Chief Executive of NCB said: „We are delighted that we are able to continue to provide this valuable service for the sector. NCB runs the largest information service in the children‟s sector and the wealth of knowledge that we have collected on play is an integral part of our unique service to the whole of the children‟s and young people‟s sector.‟

The partnership aims to make a greater variety of play information and research widely available to communities, the industry and play researchers throughout the UK. The API and the CPIS will be working together to highlight useful play related resources which will point community led play projects to practical guidance; from the smallest parish council to countrywide play associations.

For more information on the Children‟s Play Information Service (CPIS) please contact: Anna Kassman-McKerrell, Information Officer, Tel: 020 7843 6303, Email: cpis@ncb.org.uk www.ncb.org.uk/cpis

During the period leading up to this welcome decision, Fair Play ran an online Petition whose signatures ran into many hundreds representing statutory, commercial and third sector bodies, play professionals, people from many other disciplines, and from around the globe. Jan Cosgrove, for Fair Play: "It is ludicrous that there was even a possibility that CPIS would have to close. We have been fortunate in this matter but so much else is being Trashed for no good or sound reason, a degradation of the fabric of our public and community life which will resonate for many years to come. It may be said that this Government says it knows the cost of everything but its priorities raise serious questions about how it values things.

"Children's Play has been taking a massive hiding - the sector needs to wake up from its dreamworld and start pulling together. I believe a UK Coalition for Play is needed, and Fair Play aims to test that water sooner than later.

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