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News - daily stories about Children and Childhood, from all over the World. Their Play, Rights, Health, about Youth Work, Youth Curfews, Justice, Children and Society, Child Protection .... see further down this page. Also, FPTV, video stories and features. This is where you can find out what is happening to Childhood, around the world, what governments are doing .... and not doing.    AND ... what we (you and me) ARE doing and can be doing ....  Read our new daily online paper, Fair Play for Children Daily ......

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View HERE: The Child's Right to Play - The Reasons Why



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Trevor Huddleston on Adventure Play, in 1972

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             Adventure Play - A Brief History

Two new publications from Fair Play about Adventure Playgrounds, both by renowned playworker, Tony Chilton.   Click above for A Brief History and HERE for Risk and Play on Adventure Playgrounds

View HERE: Britain Must become Play Wise for its  Children Fair Play launches its Play Wise Partnerships   Programme to put children in the driving seat to regain their places to play. Read our guide, also tells us your ideas

 Unfair Play for Children
Reports revealing Freedom of Information results of survey of English Councils re their expenditure on Play since 2009.   Also re cuts to youth services.  



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What the Law says Your Local Education Authority should be doing about Children's and Young People's Recreation Here

Fair Play's information note explains their duties and obligations.

1 acre for every 18 .... Golfers fare better than kids....  HERE

There are around 16100 playgrounds in England serving an estimated 11.2 million children aged under 16, or 1 acre of playground for every 752 children 

Stolen Streets, Stolen Childhood

Fair Play's dynamic report on how kids have been cheated of 3/4 million acres of playspace - by the parked car and ... by adults   HERE

Other Issues

Acceptable Behaviour in Tower Hamlets? Is it ok for police and council to ask kids to sign ten things they won't do which they haven't been doing anyway? Or for one of them to be told she can't visit five estates where she has all her family and friends? For threats of loss of home as part of the process? Fair Play followed 5 young peoples' encounters with ABCs.                                                                            

I signed 'cos mum said we'd lose our home if I didn't sign'

Worrying Fair Play report about "acceptable" behaviour contracts


CAMPAIGN - Introduce law requiring adults working with children to report alleged abuse - Sign Petition




FPFC News Latest
Their Play, Rights, Health, Child Care, Early Years, Child Protection
2nd September | PLAY YOUTH AND EARLY YEARS - Memories from the playground are a lifelong treasure
2nd September | PLAY YOUTH AND EARLY YEARS - Nursery brings in new manager after child Calpol overdose
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2nd September | PLAY YOUTH AND EARLY YEARS - Families spend 9 times on education and child care today comp...
2nd September | PLAY YOUTH AND EARLY YEARS - OnSide wins sports grant for Wolverhampton youth zone
2nd September | PLAY YOUTH AND EARLY YEARS - Osborne unveils first youth groups to get social action fundi...
2nd September | PLAY YOUTH & EARLY YEARS - Childrens play in London | adventure playgrounds | play consult...
2nd September | PLAY YOUTH & EARLY YEARS - Call for more unstructured play - London Play
1st September | PLAY YOUTH AND EARLY YEARS Out of school, out of mind? The battle parents face finding out...
1st September | PLAY YOUTH AND EARLY YEARS World Class: What does international evidence tell us about imp...
1st September | PLAY YOUTH AND EARLY YEARS Decent, affordable childcare 'down to luck,' study finds
1st September | PLAY YOUTH AND EARLY YEARS Council worker sacked over ‘sizzling’ romantic novel
1st September | PLAY YOUTH AND EARLY YEARS Parents face postcode lottery for childcare
1st September | NATIONAL INQUIRY NOW! Failings in Rotherham will lead to national plan - ACPO
1st September | DBS Disclosure News, August 2014
1st September | PLAY YOUTH & EARLY YEARS - Playground Ideas is thrilled to announce the launch of the Play...
1st September | RESEARCH - The influence of parenting style on health related behavior of children: findin...
1st September | Holocaust survivors condemn Israel for 'Gaza massacre,' call for boycott
1st September | NATIONAL INQUIRY NOW! Rotherham child sex abuse scandal: ‘Failings by officials will cost...
1st September | NATIONAL INQUIRY NOW! HMIC 'concern' about Leicestershire Police's crime data
1st September | Cabinet web advisor jailed over 'horrific' porn images
1st September | LAW REPORT - Sandwell Council Tax Reduction Residence requirement 'ultra vires' - CPAG wi...
1st September | PLAY YOUTH & EARLY YEARS - Campaigners seek statutory status for youth services - Fair Pla...
1st September | Côte d'Ivoire: Fair Labor Association assessment of child labour in Nestlé's supply chain
1st September | Ken Robinson: How schools kill creativity
31st August | WEEKEND REVIEW - A 9-Year-Old at a Shooting Range, a Spraying Uzi and Outrage
31st August | WEEKEND REVIEW - Early years and childhood studies: Manchester Met University
31st August | WEEKEND REVIEW - This Week's Listings From The Play & Playground Encyclopedia: 28/8/2014
31st August | WEEKEND REVIEW - he cost of a child in 2014
31st August | WEEKEND REVIEW - Hidden in plain sight

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