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News - daily stories about Children and Childhood, from all over the World. Their Play, Rights, Health, about Youth Work, Youth Curfews, Justice, Children and Society, Child Protection .... see further down this page. Also, FPTV, video stories and features. This is where you can find out what is happening to Childhood, around the world, what governments are doing .... and not doing.    AND ... what we (you and me) ARE doing and can be doing ....

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What the Law says Your Local Education Authority should be doing about Children's and Young People's Recreation

Fair Play's information note explains their duties and obligations.

View HERE: Britain Must become Play Wise for its  Children Fair Play launches its Play Wise Partnerships   Programme to put children in the driving seat to regain their places to play. Read our guide, also tells us your ideas

                New Bill risks being Moaners' Charter Against Outdoor Play, warns Fair Play for  Children

Fair Play's deep concern that proposed power to grant court injunctions against children as young as 10 for behaviour alleged to cause "annoyance" or "nuisance" will put further pressure on children playing normally. Fair Play has prepared a Note on the relevant Part of the Antisocial Behaviour, Crime and Disorder Bill and the relevant obligations of the UK under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, especially Article 31, The Child's Right to Play.


Do you know of a playscheme, adventure playground or other facility under threat of closure or which has been lost to the cuts? Then Report It HERE: PLAY IN PERIL

Unfair Play for Children
Reports revealing Freedom of Information results of survey of English Councils re their expenditure on Play since 2009.   Also re cuts to youth services.  

1 acre for every 18 .... Golfers fare better than kids....

There are around 16100 playgrounds in England serving an estimated 11.2 million children aged under 16, or 1 acre of playground for every 752 children            

Stolen Streets, Stolen Childhood Fair Play's dynamic report on how kids have been cheated of 3/4 million acres of playspace - by the parked car and ... by adults                                                      



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Other Children's Issues

Syrian Crisis

Dear Secretary-General, Chemical Weapons are not the only things killing the Children of Syria

The Catastrophic Errors of Global Policy re: Syria - Fair Play says invoke 'Uniting for Peace' for UN to intervene for the sake of Syria's children

Letter to MPs etc following vote on 29th August 2013

Acceptable Behaviour in Tower Hamlets? Is it ok for police and council to ask kids to sign ten things they won't do which they haven't been doing anyway? Or for one of them to be told she can't visit five estates where she has all her family and friends? For threats of loss of home as part of the process? Fair Play followed 5 young peoples' encounters with ABCs.                                                                            

I signed 'cos mum said we'd lose our home if I didn't sign'

Worrying Fair Play report about "acceptable" behaviour contracts


CAMPAIGN - Introduce law requiring adults working with children to report alleged abuse - Sign Petition

Tune-in to NACCRRA Radio!

National Association of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies and BAM Radio Network have partnered to bring you NACCRRA Radio. Linda Smith, NACCRRA's Executive Director, along with Dr. Charlotte Hendricks from Healthy Child Care Consultants, Inc., hosts the program that will focus on the topics you really care about and keep you abreast of the latest developments in the field of child care.

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FPFC News Latest
Their Play, Rights, Health, Child Care, Early Years, Child Protection
18th April | Bulgaria's Child Protection Agency Devotes 2014 to Children's Rights
18th April | Sexual assault down to 'systemic failures': ex-child protection worker
18th April | Tough youth justice laws passed
18th April | Ky. should reform juvenile justice, no longer jail status offenders with young criminals
18th April | County’s juvenile justice alternative education program opens food pantry to serve student...
18th April | UNICEF asks Kyrgyz officials to facilitate activities on the 25th anniversary of signing o...
18th April | Youths face jail for minor crimes in Qld
18th April | Uganda kick-starts discussions on the role of innovations in addressing the rights of the ...
18th April | PLAY YOUTH AND EARLY YEARS - Young people protest youth service cuts in Barnstaple
18th April | PLAY YOUTH AND EARLY YEARS - Youth services boss defends move which could see six centres ...
18th April | PLAY YOUTH AND EARLY YEARS - Childcare speech
18th April | PLAY YOUTH AND EARLY YEARS - Childcare 101 – Government must Prioritise Childcare Provisio...
18th April | PLAY YOUTH AND EARLY YEARS - Childcare centre ratings and assessment process streamlined
18th April | PLAY YOUTH AND EARLY YEARS - 'Childcare crunch' review urged
18th April | PLAY YOUTH AND EARLY YEARS - Child care costs more than college in Minnesota, report says
18th April | PLAY YOUTH AND EARLY YEARS - Kids of New Jersey: Go outside
18th April | PLAY YOUTH AND EARLY YEARS - Kids of New Jersey: Go outside
18th April | PLAY YOUTH AND EARLY YEARS - Rochester's Children's Museum Celebrates its 2nd Year
17th April | Earlier curfew for older teens to be proposed
17th April | Paterson council candidates give their views on city curfew issue
17th April | Syria's children starving and scared as war drags on
17th April | Children’s Hospital to halt sale of sugary drinks
17th April | House Republicans pass new 'deport the children' act
17th April | Santam and UNICEF spotlight children's rights through art
17th April | Children’s rights centre calls for protection of children in schools
17th April | PLAY YOUTH AND EARLY YEARS - Kids encouraged to go back to nature
17th April | PLAY YOUTH AND EARLY YEARS - Thousands of parents feel forced out of workplace
17th April | PLAY YOUTH AND EARLY YEARS - Parents, park crews on lookout for dangers at playgrounds
17th April | PLAY YOUTH AND EARLY YEARS - Work and childcare costs wipe out parents’ wages
17th April | PLAY YOUTH AND EARLY YEARS - Lend a hand: helping disabled children learn to ride

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